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• 10/20/2017

Mob Talker (Please Respond)

Why did AT2 make all of the characters so sexy.
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• 10/20/2017

Mob Talker (Please Respond)

Why does the skeleton have like barely anything covering the breasts. And in the Magma Cube and Blaze articles it says that because of the heat in the nether they can’t wear anything over a bikini, but the Ghast is in the nether and she wears a dress.
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• 7/7/2018

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• 6/24/2017

Mob Talker Not Working

I'll say this now, I'm not good at installing mods. The only time I've ever gotten it to work is through the Twitch launcher for modded packs as it comes preinstalled with Forge. I have a 1.5.2 save with the 1,5,2 Mob Talker (1, not 2) mod in the /mods/ folder. I can acess the Mob Talker item in my inventory but clicking on mobs doesn't do what it's supposed to do.
I may not be using the correct versions and stuff like that, so a careful step by step guide would be appreciated.
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• 1/26/2017

mobtalker 2 forum?

the page says is under construction so i want to ask, is the forum going to be back online?
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• 3/21/2016

Please, would you be so kind and help me? : )

Hi, Ckay1100. I have tried and tried and tried to download the "mob talker" mod and I just can't get it to work. I have look at tutorials videos and forums. I saw one of Abner's comments of someone who asked about help and Abner answered to click in on his/her profile. I searched and cannot find it. Please, would you be able to send me like.. a copy or something or a file...just something to make it work? : )
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• 12/21/2015

Is this still relevant?

As said above, but I was more curious because I was watching this, seeing how it would evolve, so is this still a thing?
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• 12/20/2015


can make the mod is compatible whit mc 1.8
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• 4/6/2015

when i talk to a mob it crashes why is it??

it crashes when i right click the mob and i viewed my crash reports it said in the first messege "Oh sorry that didnt get to plan right? sorry.. "
wat happened??
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• 7/4/2014

I followed the steps

I followed all of the steps to add scripts and it still said I didn't have any. What happened??
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• 5/23/2014
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• 3/23/2014

FTB: Script not found

Hi, Im playing on FTB unleashed pack and decided to install mob talker (but not it is called "Human Mob & Talker").
I install the mob by using the ftb installer and successfully installed the mod-Im able to make bouquet to talk to mob. I followed the instruction from the page and downloaded the default script, then put it in ftb/unleashed/minecraft/resources/mobTalker_script
Once everything is done I tried to talk to the mob but they said "Yeah, you  need to make or download  some scripts for me", said Creeper. 
I checked the folder's name over and over and over and over again and watched turtorial on youtube but still it couldn't find the script ....please help T.T (I tried the custom script too but doesn't work either)
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• 3/11/2014

TheAbner's script v2.0 :D

I'm updating my script to mob talker 2, it will have a lot of new things so check out the post that I made about it: :D
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• 1/27/2014

Personality ideas?

Ok I need personality ideas for these mobs:
Make them a lovey or whatever as you want. I just need some good personalities! plus I thought of their names.
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• 11/30/2013

have any information about mob talker 2

hey is any if you guys have any information about mob talker 2? i know tis page doesn't support mob talker 2 so i need a link or something about mob talker 2
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• 11/26/2013

Script help

i am new and i got 9.1 beta :P can someone give me some help or example scripts for mobtalker 2? the google doc was very, very confusing...
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• 9/20/2013

Script problems.

Hello everyone at MobTalker.
I know this probably isn't the best way to contact you, but I am having a problem with your mod.
You probably get this a lot, but the mod itself downloaded and works great, but the scripts are the problem. I downloaded and installed the mod through the Forge Modloader, not the Modloader Mod, mainly because the Modloader Mod does not work on Windows 8.
Yes, I run Windows 8. And that could very well be my problem.
The mod itself did not auto-install default scripts. It did not create the mobTalker_scripts folder. And there was no "resources" folder. Is this because I'm running Forge and not Modloader? Or because the only version I have is 1.6.2?
please help. I want to play this mod so badly.
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• 9/15/2013

problems with commands FACE and ATTACK

I'm currently writing my own custom story for cupa, but i've come across a few problems with the code. Firstly, the command #FACE won't change the emotion unless a line previous to it has been said. This only seems to happen in options as #FACE works fine on default and normal scripts. The second problem is #ATTACK. I can't seem to get it to work at all in an option script. Is this a bug of some sort? Or is it something that only works on default, normal and love scripts?
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• 9/8/2013

Mob Talker 2 Clarifications

Just so you guys know, epicnights and I are currently "negotiating". The fate of this wiki will likely destruction, and growth. Destruction, in the way that this wiki will no longer be the go-to place, and growth in the way that we will have more space to work with. Of course, there is always a possibility that something huge might happen and change our plans entirely, but that's rather unlikely.
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• 8/30/2013


There is a new mob talker, the re-make of this one, Which will finally (hopefully) be updated regurally and new things will be added.
It's still on the alpha stages, So there are only 3 mobs yet, But he will be adding more, Everything is different now
Here is the link to it:
It says there is a new wiki, I am not sure to what will happen to this one, it depends on depod's answer to my comment, But we will probably close this one or ask the new owner to use this one which probably won't happen because he hostes the new wiki himself so... Well... only depod can tell you that, the owner of this wiki.
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