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• 6/19/2013

Mob Talker Script Issue

i'm having trouble with the script folder "friendly". when i right click lets say cupa, she only says the default script once and whenever i try to talk to her again, nothing happens like it wont advance to the friendly folder. its hapening for every mob. help please.... thanks :D

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• 6/19/2013

have you tried re-installing it? or maybe different ways of installing. or if you're using different mods, that might be conflicting(which i don't think happens). or maybe different scripts.. if those still don't work, check back here, i guess...

• 6/20/2013

i tried reinstalling it, nothing changed. i am using SCMowns unofficial update if that changes anything. idk if its any mods.... heres the list of mods i have if it helps

Minecraft Forge


ICBM explosions

Carpenter's slope

Secret rooms

Flans gun mod

SCMowns unofficial mob talker update 1.5.2

single player commands

instant structures

jammy furniture mod

backpack mod




finite liquid

fuel resourceful

gems plus


glowstone wire mod




Village up

Crazy ravines & Caves

• 6/20/2013

eh... have you tried installing it on a fresh .jar? first try that, and how about the scripts?

• 6/20/2013

i started with a fresh jar, set aside all my mods except the SCMowns mob talker unofficial update and still no luck. no mob advances to the friendly folder. it just reads the default script and if it has nothing that belongs to that mob in the friendly folder it will work fine and  repeat the default script, but if there is something for that mob in the friendly folder then it will say the default script and then when i right click it again, nothing happens. im using all default scripts with abner's enderman script, zer0xed's creeper script, a skeleton script i got off the script page of this wiki, and pentigan's blaze script.

• 6/20/2013
as far as i know the blaz works properly but besides that nothing :l
• 6/26/2013

Check if the normal.script file has #MAKESHADOW in it. This is what make a mob a "shadow" mob, which is the friendly version. As far as I know, the default scripts (if that's what you're using) don't even have a blaze script at all, and other scripts might not have the friendly script set up. If you happen to be making your own scripts, you need to make sure you include #MAKESHADOW in the normal.script for it to work for friendly.

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