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D-7650 D-7650 1 May 2015

Just dropped by..

Now I know I didn't make a good first impression last time I was here, but that was how long ago?

I just wanted to stop by and say hello again. I honestly loved getting to know all of you, your ins and outs. And I haven't thought about it in awhile but I honestly do miss you all. All of your unique personalities, I remember hopping onto the chat whenever I saw someone on and having a blast conversing with you all. But I guess all things must come to an end. I've found new friends, I've been talking to them for as long as I can remember now. I love them all equally, not as strongly as I did to you but just know I did feel for all of you. 

But, everything goes. Water evaporates, flames die out, chains can't take the strain.

Like I said, just wa…

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Ckay1100 Ckay1100 19 July 2013

Script story description


The script is being continued on the Mob talker 2, go Here for an apdated version of the script.

Script title:

Pwer Shift!

Part -1 of 12 : Ignatius' Eprologue

Ignatius' Prologue and Epologue are one in the same...

Page estimate: N/A

Part 0 of 12 : Christine's Prologue

The story of Christine, before she met Ignatius

Page estimate: N/A

Part 1 of 12 : The Story of Christine and Ignatuis

In this story you are a 16 year old boy named Ignatius, whom has been living alone in the woods for many years. One day, while walking through the forest, he comes across an area that's looks as if it has been burned, yet not with fire. Continuing to follow the burned path, he find a mysterious girl who is gravely injured. Taking her home, Ignatius nurses her bac…

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Ckay1100 Ckay1100 13 July 2013

Script status 2

I'll just include the chapters I have in he story to give you an idea on how long it is. Also, each chapter represents 1 day( the only exeption is day two which is two days). You can expect these to be as long as a chapter you would typically find in a novel.

  1. Find in the forest
  2. Days of recovery
  3. Her awakening
  4. Introductions
  5. Cat shenanegans
  6. Cave encounter
  7. Sleeping lake
  8. Playing in the water
  9. Troubled girl, village travel
  10. Secret glimpse
  11. Last leg of travel
  12. Troubled town, Lying hero
  13. Greatful gift, Hostile encounters
  14. The travel Home
  15. The travel Home II
  16. The travel Home III
  17. Home
  18. Truth discovered, Attacking enemy
  19. Ignatius' decision; Bonding fight
  20. The Dream
  21. Events of the past revisited
  22. Ignatius' death
  23. The advancing 'tine
  24. The falling 'tine
  25. The falling 'tine II
  26. Wandering 'tine, Hu…
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DeflecStar DeflecStar 11 July 2013

Where petals don't fall - Chapter 1 "Nightly Encounter"

Where petals don't fall - Chapter 1 "Nightly encounter"

I awoke on a beach. I don't know how I got here, my clothes are soaked, partially ripped and every part of me hurts but I'm alive and that's all I can ask for at the moment. The sun is shining brightly... it must be noon. Slowly getting up, feeling like every bone in my body starts cracking, I start looking around. It looks like I have been washed ashore at a large beach area together with some flotsam... probably from the ship. Speaking of the ship: I can't see it anywhere. It must've sunk to the bottom of the sea, making my chances to leave this place anytime soon nonexistent. Realizing this I start checking the goods but it seems the only things lying around are a few wooden planks,…

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DeflecStar DeflecStar 3 July 2013

Where petals don't fall - Exposition "An old tale"

Where petals don't fall - Exposition "An old tale'"

"...It is a land, far, far away from here. At nights the moon illuminates the scenery with a faint light and a gentle breeze blows through the grass creating an illusion of peace and harmony.

But first impressions can be decieving and if one were to take a second and closer look then this land will reveal itself for what it really is: A land filled with dangerous creatures roaming the landscape. Creatures which will not hesitate to kill anyone passig through their territory. But it is also a land filled with countless riches waiting to be discovered by those who are brave or foolish enough to risk their lives in search for them..."

...This is part of an old tale which has been passed down by…

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DeflecStar DeflecStar 1 June 2013

Introductory Words

So far I'm not sure how many chapters the story will have.

Well, the First Chapter, "Chapter 0" or The Exposition, has been published. It just shows the events which happened to this particular Steve. Personally I think an exposition is important for a good story.

Chapter 1 is out. It's just an encounter... Sorry I couldn't publish it on Wednesday and that it's pretty short. I'm not very satisfied with this one either but I hope you enjoy it nevertheless.

Release of Chapter 2 delayed until further notice... I really need to concentrate on university right now...

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News about What i Will Try to do.

Hello People Of the forums, i'll Try to Write a story Here For Every One to Read, I will Try and work on this on my free time.Please leave a commit on what i should write. :)

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Ckay1100 Ckay1100 22 April 2013

Script status

4/21/13 Scrapped everything that I had and started fresh, beginning with an outline that's 1/3 finished of part 1 of the story :3 (28 pages so far, this is just the outline, mind you, I still have to get to writing the actual story)

I'm planning to have about 10 parts, each a different script.


Script is now 37 pages...I still only rate it 1/3 done....


Fifty pages of the outlined story, now about half done.


60 pages of the story, 3 pages of the actual written story. :/

Note: I'm only writing this because my brain is fried from writing and I'm bored :3

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Andysniffums Andysniffums 21 April 2013

Life achievement

my friend is satch on the internet

and im his friend so im dubbed "satch's friend"

apparently criken2, abadfeeling, and jesse cox on youtube acknowledge me! yipee

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AustMnemonic AustMnemonic 15 April 2013

Biography of Aaerond Mynril

Aaerond Mynril, an Enderman, was born son of Aaeraln and Miyae Mynril, in 15 BC. Like most, if not all, of the Mynrils, Aaerond was born the abilities of a great warrior, but because of this, the current ruler of The End, Perderiath the Ender, sought to make Aaerond a powerful weapon against his enemies. He spent most of his youth blissfully unaware of this, and did not come to fully understand it until the age of 26. It was at that time, year 11 AD, Aaerond fled from The End, and from the grasp of Perderiath, coming to a world all but unkown to his people at the time. The Overworld. Shortly after arrived, Aaerond was arrested, for the sole fact that he was an Enderman. (Overworlders didn't trust them at this time, while the threat of Perd…

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MystiKnight MystiKnight 11 April 2013

Hello all, I'm MystiKnight

Hello to all you on the Mob Talker wiki, I'm MystiKnight, and I suppose this'll be my (somewhat) little introduction.

I remember back when I first saw this mod appear. It was a pretty unique concept at the time, I mean, you could talk to mobs and they were cute anime-styled girls! As an avid reader of visual novels, I was thrilled with the idea. Time passed, and eventually I forgot about this mod, as well as Minecraft in general.

But, just a few days ago, I suddenly remembered this mod. A lot of things have changed from when I first saw this mod. There are a ton more scripts, as well as some.. strange scripts, to say the least.

Anyway, I've been looking around, and apart from a certain script, there's no scripts for the Blaze yet, who is curr…

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AustMnemonic AustMnemonic 21 March 2013

Magically Ranked Beings

NOTICE: This list only names a few examples of each rank of power, excluding the ranks "X" and "IX", as those are the only beings who hold that rank.

X: Remacus, Demaxus, Taeli

IX: Grondorous, Draldorous, Trecdorous, Nandoryl, Elidoryl, Taedoryl

VIII: Tenari, Hiruko, Perderiath(Corrupted)

VII: Creareim, Perderiath, Chalybs, Lignuman, Efflorei, Undarr, Arboril, Illustratt, Auriaco, Fulminantis

VI: Kaldaes, Trulldutris, Zhe Orerore

V: Notagouron, Zimlarr, Nil Zarroth, Nothing the Ironlord, Cultaedas II, Akon

IV: Valdagras, Contourile, Armandatil, Andr

III: Cultaedas I, Patchouli

II: Andrew, Variena

I: Any weaker beings who wield magic.

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Andysniffums Andysniffums 17 March 2013

Need help - translation

Heres AT2's stuff

but i need some help translating all the creeper comics.

Viewer discretion just sayin, im not an otaku so im not into that stuff, i just love typing shit up

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Epicnights Epicnights 13 February 2013

A short hiatus...

  • deep inhale*


  • deep sigh*

Hello, everyone. Felt like I needed to make an important post. I'm on here quite often...and of course, this does intersect with my actual life. I feel that being on here so often is affecting my grades, and I have decided to take a short hiatus.

It will be about three months, basically to get my grades back up and become more regulated. I know that there are a few that I will hurt by leaving, and it hurts me too. but Ihave to do this. I'm sorry....

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AustMnemonic AustMnemonic 13 February 2013

My somewhat ridiculous backstory to the Endermen.

Roughly 2000 years ago, (223 BC, if you want the exacts..) There existed 10 great wizards of the planet Morsia. Fulminantis the Red, Oreicio the Orange, Illustrat the Yellow, Arboril the Green, Undar the Blue, Efflorei the Violet, Lignuman the Brown, Durust the Grey, Creareim the White, and most relevant to this particular story, Perderiath the Black. Perderiath at the time was obsessed with these great pearls created by a dark shadow of a being named Tenebris, said to hold unimaginable power. He exhausted himself to no end trying to find one of these pearls, until he created his own, The Endamantir, in 150 BC, it being the first real "Enderpearl". But as one might think, such power doesn't come without a price.

Perderiath had to sacrifice …

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AustMnemonic AustMnemonic 12 February 2013

Valdagras Family Tree

Valdagras "The First"



Cultaedas Valdagras I



  Cultén Valdagras



  Énnor Valdagras



  Thénn Valdagras



  Thénin Valdagras



  Théndir Valdagras



  Düldir Valdagras



  Nindül Valdagras



 Nonindel Valdagras



 Isélnon Valdagras



 Isélden Valdagras



  Disél Valdagras



  Éndis Valdagras



  Nirél Valdagras



  Éanir Valdagras



   Léan Valdagras



  Tülén Valdagras



  Tülárn Valdagras



   Lárn Valdagras



   Élar Valdagras



  Nélon Valdagras



  Nérin Valdagras


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AustMnemonic AustMnemonic 11 February 2013

Description of "The Enderlord"

The Enderlord wasn't always the cloaked monster that he is nowadays. In fact, quite some time ago, he used to be a particularly normal Enderman. He was born on August 17th, 1902, and given the name Armandatil Contourim Valdagras by his parents, Cultaedas Valdagras II, and Variena Valdagras. Sadly, Armandatil didn't get to know his parents terribly well, as they both died when he was about 2 years old. At that point, The Ender, Perderiath, brought his presence within the young Enderlord's mind, becoming a sick and twisted voice that whispered to him telepathically, raising him as if he were his own child. Due to Perderiath essentially being a part of Armandatil's pysche, the young boy learned quite quickly, but went to school like a normal …

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TheScareCr0we TheScareCr0we 3 February 2013

IDK....need ideas

so, im working on mob talker stories (not scripts...but i might make those too) and i need ideas. It going to be a series of short stories but have the same versions of all the characters in it. The main characters are going to be The Snow Golem and just works.....also cupa will be in it as well as the zombie pigman and the ghast. But im out of ideas and am takeing yeah....when im done with one I'll post it on deviantart....but like i said...please give me sugesions XD

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Depod2 Depod2 30 January 2013

New stuff coming, hopefully photoshop as well.

Hello everybody it is I, Depod2. I just want to tell you all that I have made some changes to the wiki. The biggest change is the new Wordmark that I made. I, sadly, don't have photoshop, therefore not much other changes will be happening. I hope you enjoy the changes to come, asa I assure you there will be many.

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ServantOfTheThirdEye ServantOfTheThirdEye 17 January 2013

mobtalker 女の子の名前

  • バット: リリネット
  • ブレイズ: 火災 (かさい)
  • ケイブスパイダー: 茨木 (いばらき)
  • クリーパー: クパー
  • エンダーマン: アンダー
  • ガスト: パチュリー
  • マグマキューブ4: ジェラス
  • マグマキューブ2: 六花 (りっか)
  • マグマキューブ1: すぐ
  • ゾンビピッグマン: 南 (みなみ)
  • シルバーフィッシュ: 美鶴 (みつる)
  • スケルトン: ユリィ
  • スライム4: レム
  • スライム2: 由乃 (ゆの)
  • スライム1: 美香 (みか)
  • スノウゴーレム: 雪 (ゆき)
  • スパイダー: 華扇 (かせん)
  • 村人の農民: 歩美 (あゆみ)
  • 村人の司書: 由比 (ゆい)
  • 村人の司祭: ぬえ
  • 村人の肉屋: 直美 (なおみ)
  • 村人の緑: 泰子 (やすこ)
  • 村人の鍛冶屋: リズベット
  • アイアンゴーレム: ローゼ
  • オオカミ: 椛 (もみじ)
  • ウィッチ: ブレア
  • ウィザースケルトン: 文 (あや)
  • ゾンビ: ヤエビ
  • ヒロブライン: ヒロ
  • ヒロブライン: 火口 (ひぐち)
  • エンダードラゴン: 成美 (なるみ)
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Andysniffums Andysniffums 2 January 2013

How to make a story -Andysniffums

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Part 1: Preparation
  • 3 Part 2: Thought
  • 4 Part 3: Time
  • 5 Part 4: Imagination
  • 6 Part 5: Scripting
  • 7 Part 6: Concentration
  • 8 Conclusion

In order to make a script you need a story.

In order to have a story you need thought, time, however most importantly imagination.

Through out this entire blog post I will explain how I make a story, and if you can share the link that would be nice.

P.S. There's a shit tone of swears, it's easier for me to replace adjectives I don't want to look up. ;P

If you're going to just run down the board and dive straight into scripting, you're fucked. You need time to get ready what will be ahead of you.

The minute you release the script there's no going back, anyone can download that script, and anyone can copy it, even if you delet…

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CPU Black Soul CPU Black Soul 1 January 2013

Meet Piggens

There is no history about Piggens, nor his family members and where he lives. He was found by Pigzaravic and was kept as a pet and a slave...When Piggens was "enslaved" by Pigzaravic, he was ordered and abused around him. When kenten101 along with kokaman3 killed Pigzaravic, Piggens decided to stay as a pet and is held into protection. After that, he helped rebuild everything and had Alien Meat for dinner.

Piggens is a kind, friendly and a klutz kind of pig but likes to play around with friends. He may be a dolt, but at least he can be helpful at times. He's usually shy and attempts to make friends to someone he hasn't met. He is usually seen with a Saddle and a Carrot on a Stick.

Not much else is known about him...

  • Piggens is seen eating onl…

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ServantOfTheThirdEye ServantOfTheThirdEye 2 December 2012

MobTalker Squares

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AustMnemonic AustMnemonic 30 November 2012

Cloakless Enderlord!

I finsihed the picture of this "Enderlord" withput his cloak on. Might not take a picture of it now, since I don't want to bother my mom while she's sleeping. Or not.

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AustMnemonic AustMnemonic 29 November 2012

New Thing

I don't know why... but I can't shake the feeling I now have a newfound Cupa Obsession... and also.. after being on the !Live chat for the past... 7 hours..? My back really hurts after sitting in one spot so long.. Graugh....

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AustMnemonic AustMnemonic 27 November 2012

Manga-Thing I Made

As sort of inspired by the manga strips on this wiki, I have made my own. It involves the Male Andr I made. (from this point on, I'm probably just going to refer to him as 'Andrew', less typing I have to do.) I'll upload it later, more than likely I'll just attach it to this when I do.

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Wavethehedgehog9 Wavethehedgehog9 27 November 2012


I just reacently got into the deal of memes. the very first ones i saw were spiderman memes and god were they funny. but thats not what i wanted to talk about. i finished reading all of the books in my house. i wanted to ask if there are any good books any of you have read. (please do not give me stuff like the twighlight saga.) and if you do, please tell me right away cause im bored out of my spine.


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Wavethehedgehog9 Wavethehedgehog9 26 November 2012

for the people of the live chat

arrrgh! my mom won't let me go on live chat anymore cause shes convinced some of you are pedophiles and others are emo/serial killers. that sucks. well, i hope you guys can check my blog from time to time so we can stay in touch?


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Wavethehedgehog9 Wavethehedgehog9 25 November 2012

my first blog

hey guys. this is my first blog post. i hope that when i finally get a youtube account that i'll be able to let you guys hear my voice, though i have a stuffy nose alot. at the moment, im thirteen and i dont have a phone yet. >:[ when i do, i'll make a youtube account with skype and some videos, but that might take a couple of years. double >:[ but don't worry about it guys. i'll make you all laugh your hearts out, hopfully soon. bye dudes and dudettes >;P love ya'll

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ThrustCharge ThrustCharge 24 November 2012

Back (For now)

Hello everyone!

I'm back, at least for now, and I'm about to begin work on my Spider script again. Making some notes and plans this time around, so I'll hopefully get a good script set up. Will probably continue work on the others too - no promises however.

If you need me, pop a message on my wall. I might not see this though (emails don't work as they should for me).



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AustMnemonic AustMnemonic 21 November 2012


Been working on a picture of male Andr for like, ever. If anyone wants to see the results, look in the images. (It's obvious, it's the only image posted by me, so far.)

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Diamondjack Diamondjack 16 November 2012

Slender Man,

Slender Man, Slender Man,All the children try to run.Slender Man, Slender Man,To him it's part of the fun. Slender Man, Slender Man,Dressed in darkest suit and tie.Slender Man, Slender Man,You most certainly will die. Slender Man, Slender Man,His branching arms are for collecting.Slender Man, Slender Man,His face is empty of expressing. Slender Man, Slender Man,He won't let you say goodbye.Slender Man, Slender Man,You most certainly will die. Slender Man, Slender Man,Sometimes hums a lowly drone.Slender Man, Slender Man,He will wander 'round your home. Slender Man, Slender Man,Blends in well within the trees.Slender Man, Slender Man,In the fog he's hard to see. Slender Man, Slender Man,Dressed in darkest suit and tie.Slender Man, Slender M…

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Diamondjack Diamondjack 15 November 2012

My blog for Events,Poems,ect

So This blog will be for poems lates events and sometimes gaming so stay tunned

My life isn't about's why not!Why not love a mob talker girl! why not jump down 15 feet and almost break your ankles! why not not have a girl friend even though you may seem desperate but hey who isn't fiom time to time!

Why not love Log 1

Merry Christmas guys!

Remember Christmas isn't about getting

It's about being with the ones you love dearest to your hearts!

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LoverofAllThingsCute LoverofAllThingsCute 26 October 2012

Witch Script Preview

Hey, Wacky here. I am wondering when Mob Talker will be updated fo 1.4.2, and I have created a cool idea for a script for the Witch.

  • 1 Here's My Drawing of a Potential Sprite:
  • 2 Here's a Preview of the Script:
    • 2.1 Default Line
    • 2.2 "#FACE Tired
    • 2.3 Shadow Lines
    • 2.4 "#FACE Normal
      • 2.4.1 Option 1A:
      • 2.4.2 "#FACE Shy
      • 2.4.3 "#DECREASE_LOVE 3
      • 2.4.4 Option 1B:
      • 2.4.5 "#FACE Normal
      • 2.4.6 Option 2A:
      • 2.4.7 "#FACE Normal

Grr... where did I put that mushroom?



Why, hello there. Can I help you?

"#CONDITION {[Yeah, can you brew me an Awkward Potion?, Option 1A], [No, I'm just stopping by. Apparently, I can help you., Option 1B]}

Ugh. Always the apothecary...

  1. END

Oh, okay. Who are you, anyway?


"#SET_NAME (playername)

My name is (playername)

"#SET_NAME Ayumi

"#FACE …

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Boombot121 Boombot121 20 October 2012


Question on everyone's mind WHERE ARE THE ADMINS? Yes where are they recently people have begun violating rules of the wiki as I am hearing from other users and 2 completely inappropriate pictures of the blaze and creeper were posted that were directly not kid friendly. I know some people on this wiki that are 10 years old. If anyone can contact the admins tell them to get their butts back here or give the job to someone else.

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Epicnights Epicnights 18 October 2012

It's me again - Indeed!

Hello, mob talker wiki! Wow! I haven't been on as much recently, but I have returned, which probably isn't worth too much fanfare. I thought I would write another blog since the first one was such a…uh…success, maybe? I won't know. Anyway! If you have any questions not related to the workings of the mod, just ask, since I love helping others out. You may also see me "pseudo moderating," which for me means just giving those who post things like "lolol Cupa should have sex with Andr XXX 69 XD" a stern talking to, as I don't take to stupidity nicely. Or passively. While I may not have a ban hammer, at least show some respect to those around you and take my advice when given. I hope this wiki continues to grow and expand along with the mod! :D…

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LoverofAllThingsCute LoverofAllThingsCute 18 October 2012


Okay. I found about a Minecraft mod which makes the Creepers into a nightmare. They can see you from twenty-four meters away, you can only see their eyes and mouth, they make no noise, and they are much faster! I have a (rhetorical) question: How would AT2 draw Cupa if Steve had Predator Creepers installed? I will add a pic when I get around to it...

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Andysniffums Andysniffums 1 October 2012

Well then, wait 24 hours

I want to go to a party

Wait til october 1st for the finished cupa script. which is tomorrow

good bye ;P

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Andysniffums Andysniffums 15 September 2012


My graduation song

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ZiXi ZiXi 15 September 2012

Oh hey all

Hey all mobtalker wikia users! I'm ZiXi and you may have known me from the comments section in anywhere of this wiki.

I currently have one script made (and not working), it contains friendly cave spider and skeleton and custom default for all the other mobs.

Hope I can finally finish but I don't have enough time (so you may wait until next year), at least I have no school in the end of the year.... (yay I can finish my script!)

Favourite mob over here is the cave spider (woohoo!)

This is a distraction

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Boombot121 Boombot121 14 September 2012


I watched a very meaningful vedio called Seconds on YouTube, it showed me that each second of our lives can change us in so many ways. For example when I first saw a vedio of mobtalker on YouTube if I ignored it I might have never been here, commented on so many trivial things and making you read this annoying rant. Makes you realize that seconds do count in your lives. Has anything like this happened to you?

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KingRighteous KingRighteous 12 September 2012

New Here, Saying hi, And im joining the Wiki

Hi, I'm KingRighteous, a new user to Mob Talker Wiki, i know what Mob Talker is, i've seen videos of it on Youtube... Anyway, Hi ill try hard to work on Mob Talker Wiki, but im sometimes rarely on due to school (its boring i know), and usually on Steam or XboxLive, but ill still visit and contribute, anyways nice to meet you and it will be nice if you welcome me and be good pals, anyways... thats all! thanks for reading this!

P.S i have minecraft but i have problems finding servers faster and i can t type the link to join a server, someone please help me!

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Andysniffums Andysniffums 9 September 2012


Hi my name is Andrew, most of my usernames in everything is Andysniffums.

I write scripts, just for a hobby.

The reason it's a hobby because I write alot storyboards and shoot videos. Storyboards require alot of drawing and writing, and I found Mobtalker a good way to right out some stuff when I'm bored.

Sadly as much as I love to write scripts for mobtalker. I do not have much free time.

I got school to deal with, and I have other things to deal with, thus' said I'm quite busy.

This being said please do not ask me when I will release a script, I will most likely not respond.

In case if I do release a script I will write a blog post like this.

It's Sept. 9 2012, from this date on, i will not be on mobtalker as much as I used to over the summer.


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Andysniffums Andysniffums 6 September 2012

Flip off


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Xynfire Xynfire 4 September 2012

New Script


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ColdGoldLazarus ColdGoldLazarus 1 September 2012


Fallen Kingdom brought an emotional impact. By the end, you care that this kingdom has come to ruin and that the entire village has been slaughtered.

Gods Don't Bleed was amazing in terms of directing, and made not only Herobrine, but pretty much every mob shown into a complete badass.

And Cube Land upgraded him from badass to completely friggen' terrifying. Even if he did get his rear handed to him by a pig in the end, the whole thing was still very impressive.

In a different and more obscure direction, Minecraft Transitions showed me, when I was just getting into this stuff, that a landscape made of blocks can indeed be utterly breathtaking.

If someone makes something that can tie the best of those together, I will pretty much explode with s…

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ColdGoldLazarus ColdGoldLazarus 27 August 2012

CGL's Script Chest

I have seven major scripts I plan to write, all of which will be around 15-25 days in length and present multiple branching options for the player, with a sweeping overall storyline and mythology.

Unfortunately, I'm criminally lazy, so I can't promise they'll be out anytime soon.


WIP, Currently 2 days, 13+ for language


Unreleased, Currently 0 days, 13+ for language


Unreleased, Currently 0 days, 13+ for language

Iron Golem

Unreleased, Currently 0 days, 13+ for language?

Cave Spider

Unreleased, Currently 0 days, 13+ for language


Unreleased, Currently 0 days, 13+ for language


Unreleased, Currently 0 days, 13+ for language

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DerrickJMitchell DerrickJMitchell 27 August 2012

DerrickJMitchell's Scripts Chest/ Also Some Info

I am DerrickJMitchell.

I enjoy making Script's.

My goal on this wiki Is to help Create something Special.

My Scripts will be posted on here

so, if you cant find them in the comment's you will here.

Please give both positive and negative feed back,

Speak your mind.

My goal is to make you all happy

Without changing my original style.

Script's can be found below.


  • 15 day's.
  • 18+.
  • This Script is Finished.
  • Download here

Snow Golem

  • 8 day's.
  • All ages.
  • This script is Finished.
  • Download Here

I would also like To Post on behalf of my Lack of new script's lately

I have been busy with something, that i can not quite Tell to the public yet.

But it will be big

This will not stop me from Writing script's.

I will keep this Post updated with info of when i release new …

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DerrickJMitchell DerrickJMitchell 12 August 2012

I'll be gone for about a week

I know most of you may not know me, or care much for who i am, in fact, i have a feeling I have overstayed my viset in this wiki. Aggrovating the admin's and such, I will be taking a break doing other stuff for at liest a week, (5 - 7 days) so, Please dont expect any new script's from me untill i am back. Thank you, and sorry for any trouble i may have caused and might cause in the future, -DerrickJMitchell.

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Depod2 Depod2 7 August 2012

Artists Needed

I'm currently looking for potential artists to make a bacnkground for this wiki. If you want to apply and you have either Gimp or Photoshop, give me an example of what you can do. Once I have chosen an artist (Depends on how many applicants) I will tell them in what I am looking for in the background. Usage of other pictures is forbidden, as a want something unique and one of a kind. I reccomend that you have a wide monitor and a fast tower. 14+ is HIGHLY reccomended, as we want more "mature" works of art. If I approve of the background for the wiki and LOVE it, the artsist(s) will get Rollback privelages. Artwork is due on the 11th (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada) and will not be approved unless handed in sooner.

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