This article contains the most Frequently Asked Questions in the list below.

Before Asking Anything

Read the questions below before asking anything, if you still have problems, use our Forum to ask for help, please.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I talk to mobs? I tried but can't do it.

A: You need an item called the Mob Talker. When it's in your hands, right click the mob that you wish to talk to. Left click to continue the conversation.

Q: Can I talk to mobs from other mods If I make custom scripts? (Ex. Twilight Lich from Twilight Forest mod)

A: Yes. But you can't make them into "shadow mobs". Which means you can't make friends with them.

Q: My mob talker broke! Why did it?

A: You angered a mob and now it doesn't want to talk to you.

Q: I don't see any pictures like in the video. Why?

A: Certain mods are known to conflict with this mod, for example Optifine and Forge. If you have any type of Optifine, the official thread has a fix for them.

Q: Gamechap talked to a Slime, Blaze and Ghast. How come I can't?

A: They made their own script for it. There is a special page for getting Custom Scripts.

Q: I saw art of "this mob", how come it isn't in the mod?

A: The Mob is either:
  1. Not coded into the mod yet,
  2. Does not have proper art for the mod, or
  3. Is not made be the artist of the mod, AT2, also known as Rammkiler at deviantART.

Q: Mob talker won't load! Why won't it?

A: You need Modloader, the mod itself, and a script. All those are necessary.

Q: The download isn't working, what should I do?

A: Seeing as this seems to be a common problem, I've uploaded an alternate here. - TC

Q: Help! I updated the mod to 1.4.2 but it doesn't work!

A: That's a issue of the new version due to a missing file, this file will work, install it just like you would in 1.3.2.

Q: Help! I updated the mod to + 1.4.4 version but it doesn't work!

A:The installation is different from the old one, check the Getting Started installation guide.

Bug List

  • Before 8.3, slimes would automatically skip to the default folder instead of day 1.
  • In 8.1, the game would crash without warning, mostly when/before talking to a mob.