The Mob Talker item

The Mob Talker is the core item involved in the Mob Talker modification. It is used to start conversations with supported mobs.

After hitting a mob with any item, aggravating it, attempting to talk to the mob will cause the Mob Talker to break. To speak to mobs again, you have to create another.


The Mob Talker is crafted in the same manner as torch, except with a block of Glowstone instead of Coal. Currently it is only possible to craft it inside of the player's inventory.


Supported Mobs

The mobs currently supported by this mod are as follows:

No passive mobs are currently on the list of mobs that are conversable with, and neither are two neutral mobs: the Zombie Pigman and the Wolf. The only hostile mob that does not have a script as of Beta 9.0 is the Ender Dragon.

It may be interesting to note that additional art by AT2 has been found containing images of the Villagers in their Mob Talker form.