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Mob Talker 2 is the sequel to this mod, developed by Chimaine and xs2007 in February 2013. They have their own wiki and forum.

Mob Talker 2 has made several improvements over Mob Talker 1, many of which allow the script author to better control their script in ways that were impossible in Mob Talker 1. However, this comes at the cost of a more complex coding language than the first iteration of the mod, and consequently, a higher learning curve in order to use it at a high quality.

The  scripting code is constantly under revisions and improvements, but as of right now, greatly resembles and is based of the coding language Lua, and the visual novel engine Ren'Py.

Changes include:

  • Days are no longer included
  • Love-level is no longer required
  • 100 day limit has been removed, scripts are now theoretically infinite
  • Custom Characters and expressions sprites can now be used
  • Time is no longer paused when interacting with the mob (day-night cycle will continue when you're talking)
  • Use of one file over several, though several files can still be used
  • Sprites are no longer included in the mod, and must be downloaded separately

Things that Mob Talker 2 can do that Mob Talker 1 cannot:

  • JRPG-style games can now be made
  • Simple animations are supported
  • Usage of all minecraft commands within the script
  • Usage of several mathematical functions and variables
  • Can edit player's inventory from within the script
  • Ability to save variables and call upon them
  • Ability to choose where on the screen the character/sprite will appear
  • Support of minecraft text codes in the script
  • Splits in the story can be more easily managed
  • A dedicated resources folder for all custom files used in a specific script
  • Download script packs for a change of characters (assuming files names stay the same)
  • Backgrounds can now be displayed in addition to the character