Version 11.0 [MC 1.4.2]

  • The mod comes with Open-Source version which can be found here.

Version 10.1 [MC 1.3.2]

  • Friendly Spider/Cave Spider now can climb to follow

Version 10.0 [MC 1.3.1]

  • Supported LAN mode
  • Active-attack is disabled in default
  • Friendly mobs now record the friendship-point (loving-point) separated by player´s name

Version 9.1 

  • Friendly Zombie no longer crashes game.
  • Face disabled when the image does not exist.
  • Various bugfixes.

Version 9.0

  • Recognizes the size of Slime and Magma Cube. Which means, different character pictures for them.
  • Automatic dialog-box limiter.
  • Added Magma Cube (Lava Slime), Villager (Iron) Golem, and Snow Golem.

Version 8.3

  • Ghast and Slime now count living days correctly.
  • Enderman and Slime now able to follow and escort correctly.

Version 8.2

  • Bugfixes, finally somewhat stable.

Version 8.1

  • Bugfixes, but still crashes.

Version 8.0

  • Adds the possibility to make mobs follow/escort the player. Unusable due to bugs.