Cave Spider
Cave Spider

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Cave Spider

The Cave Spider is another mob who does not have an official script attached with the initial scripts. Neither does she have a default name yet.


Like many of the other mobs without a default script, she does have a custom made script, some of which can be found in the Custom Scripts article.

In this case, one is made by the user AaronRussellOct, another by LEGOswimmer1211, and another one is made by the user PKMN Trainer Jim.


  • Like a few of the other mobs, the Cave Spider's "Follow" and "Escort" commands do not work in Beta 8.2 (Fixed in version 8.3)


  • Like the Spider, the Cave Spider also wears red eye-like things in her hair which resemble the Cave Spider's eyes.
  • She wears what appears to be a dark teal sweatshirt with stripes on the sleeves in the same position as the Spider.
  • She is often depicted in her arts as a bit lazy and/or unwilling to cope with other people.
  • Also judging by her art, she could be classified as a tsundere.