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The Creeper, otherwise known as Cupa, is one of the basic mobs that appeared in some of the earliest versions of the mod.


The Creeper, known in the mod itself as Cupa, by default has four days default speech. Once these are completed, the script will move on to the default folder.

Like all of the other mobs, the artwork is done by AT2. The Creeper's art seems to be based highly upon the common image of the Creeper in a hoodie.

Cupa could be considered the mascot for this modification, as she is commonly added to banners created by users on the forum, not to mention the fact that the Creeper is the main mascot for Minecraft itself.

She has the largest amount of scripts made by users, that can be found at the Custom Scripts page.


High voltage creeper by AT2

Note the changes in appearance, namely the red eyes, teal hair, and more adult-looking body.

  • Like in Minecraft vanilla, the Creeper is also afraid of cats. This is seen in Cupa's official default script and AT2.'s comics.
  • Like the Silverfish and Cave Spider, she could be based upon the anime theme of the Loli.
  • The name "Cupa" comes from "苦力怕"(Kǔlì pà), which is what most Chinese Minecraft players call Creepers. This may be cause of the fact that the artist (AT2) who made the artwork comes from Taiwan.
  • As shown in the picture to the right, also by AT2, it seems that when struck by lightning and entering "High Voltage" mode, her appearance undergoes some changes. However, this has not yet shown up in the actual mod.
  • She seems to be best friends with Andr as seen in AT2's comics.
  • Her Scripts could also be based on the Yandere female personality type in anime (loves one person, and agressive to all others who might interupt the love she has for that one person, or that one person for her). However, this is not always true. It truly depends on the script.