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Despite the mob's name, the Enderman, like almost all the other mobs, is a girl. In the default scripts her name is Andr.


Andr's personality in the default script is that of a very shy girl. She is tall, and seems to find it difficult to converse with other people. Most of her body is covered in a large, black coat.

Like the other mobs, there is no nudity in any of her art. This is due to the mod being aimed towards fans of anime or manga whose ages vary. Like the other two default mobs, Andr has 2 days already scripted.

She and the Creeper seem to be the favored mobs, but there are many scripts for the creeper and fewer for Andr, which can be found at the Custom Scripts page.


  • The version 8.2 update, introduces new commands: Follow and Escort. Like some of the other mobs, these do not work for Andr; she merely walks around aimlessly. (Fixed in 8.3)


  • She appears to be based upon one of the typical anime stereotypes, the Dandere. Danderes tend to be antisocial, or asocial. However, once a character gets to know them, the Dandere shows their inner feelings and what they truly are like.
  • Andr's name comes from the "Ender" part of "Enderman".
  • Judging from AT2's manga, Andr appears to like cats, is friends with Cupa, and seems to be ashamed of her breast size, as she often tries to make up for it by stuffing blocks into her jacket.
  • She, the Iron Golem and the Snow golem have the higher-pixeled images of the mod, being 1200x1480 pixels, instead of what normally the other mobs are, that is 750x930 pixels, and, they are too the higher-sized images (Enderman : 369kb, Snow golem : 446kb and Iron Golem : 582kb) so, when any of these 3 mobs in any script, when changing the mood for the first time in the script (like, the first time she gets sad), it lags and takes a while to load, but after the first time, it stops.
  • Shown in some of AT2's artworks, Andr seems to fear the SnowGolem, being she's made of snow, and Endermen don't like water.