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Iron Golem

The Iron Golem is a utility mob first added to the mod in Beta 9.0.


The Iron Golem is a player-crafted, or naturally spawning utility mob who made her first appearance in the Beta 9.0 update to the Mob Talker modification. She was initially seen beforehand in a piece of art by AT2 found on the Komica Community, and later in a video by GameChap and Bertie in "pixel art" form.

Due to her only recently being added into the mod, there are no known custom scripts available on the Minecraft Forums; at least one is being made by user Depod2 however.


  • The hat that she wears is the head of the Iron Golem.
  • In the script files, and coding of Minecraft, the mob is known as the "VillagerGolem".
  • She, the Enderman and the Snow golem have the higher-pixeled images of the mod, being 1200x1480 pixels, instead of what normally the other mobs are, that is 750x930 pixels,and, they are too the higher-sized images (Enderman : 369kb, Snow golem : 446kb and Iron Golem : 582kb) so, when any of these 3 mobs in any script, when changing the mood for the first time in the script (for instance, the first time she gets sad), it lags and takes a while to load, but after the first time, it stops.