Magma Cube
Large Magma Cube

Default Name




Health Points

Big : 16, Small : 4, Tiny : 1


Magma Cube

The Magma Cube is a Nether mob who debuted in Beta 9.0 of the Modification.


The Magma Cube, also known as the Lava Slime, is a mob that was first added to the mod in the Beta 9.0 release, along with the Snow Golem and Villager (Iron) Golem. Like the Slime, the Magma Cube has three different sizes each with their own individual faces.

The image to the right depicts the Normal face of the Large Magma Cube.


  • The Magma Cube's official artwork was initially found on a forum post on the Komica Community. It was made aware of in a GameChap and Bertie video.
  • The Magma Cube is known as a "LavaSlime" in the coding of the mod and Minecraft itself.
  • A (unofficial) reason that the magma cubes and and blaze wear bikinis is because of the heat of the Nether and lack of suitable clothing material.
  • There are two other sizes of the mob with their own artwork: the Tiny Magma Cube and the Small Magma Cube. These can be seen below.
  • The Tiny Magma Cube looks around 8-10 years old, the Small Magma cube looks around 14-16, and the Large magma Cube is about 20-22 years old.