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The Skeleton is one of the mobs featured in the default scripts of the mod, and was amongst the first to be included.


The Skeleton is one of the many mobs found in Minecraft who has a character in this modification - however, she is one of the mobs who does not come with a default script included with the official English scripts pack.

There are currently only three custom scripts by members of the Minecaft Forums that have been posted on the Custom Scripts page, one by user AaronRussellOcto, one by user ThrustCharge and one by Unknown_so36.


  • In her default script, the Skeleton just says "crack...". This could either be the cracking of bones or the cracking of the bow. Please note that this does not in any way refer to drugs.
  • The skeleton and the spider are friends, evidenced by the spider jockey mob in vanilla minecraft. In AT2's comic strips, the skeleton even swapped places with the spider once, carrying the spider on her back as opposed to riding on her.
  • A video by GameChap and Bertie has leaked an alternative version of the Skeleton's sprite with platinum blond hair instead of grey hair.
  • The same video also leaked the Wither Skeleton variant; the sprite is dressed in darker clothing, has darker skin, and has black hair, with white eyes.