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Snow Golem

The Snow Golem was first introduced in the Beta 9.0 update to the mod.


The Snow Golem was initially seen in a video by GameChap and Bertie, showing the possible new mobs added to the game. She was released in the Beta 9.0 version of the modification, alongside the Iron Golem and the Magma Cube.

Like most other mobs, there are custom scripts for this mob made by users AaronRussellOcto, Stevefox74 and Depod2, which can be found on the Mob Talker Scripts Chest page of the Minecraft Forums and the Custom Scripts page.


  • In the coding of the mod, and Minecraft itself, the mob is known as "SnowMan".
  • Leaked art of the mob was originally found on the Internet before the mob's official release.
  • The Snow Golem's art could be based upon a klutzy character. This can be seen as the mob itself leaves behind snow wherever it goes.
  • She, the Iron Golem and the Enderman have the higher-pixeled images of the mod, being 1200x1480 pixels, instead of what normally the other mobs are, that is 750x930 pixels,and, they are too the higher-sized images (Enderman : 369kb, Snow golem : 446kb and Iron Golem : 582kb) so, when any of these 3 mobs in any script, when changing the mood for the first time in the script (like, the first time she gets sad), it lags and takes a while to load, but after the first time, it stops.
  • In one of AT2's comics, Steve appears to have her stuck in glass while shovelling away at the snow around her feet(Snow-farming), which she is very uncomfortable with.