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Despite the other mobs in this mod, the Zombie is the first male mob. In the default scripts his name is Yaebi


Yaebi is often argued as to whether or not she/he is a male or a female, for its appearance is very confusing due to its lack of breast size and figure. Although, the artist says that Yaebi is a male. It also has two days of script by default. Nudity is not shown here, like most mobs. It acts a little stupid, and sometimes flirty. If you ask it for flesh, the next day it will start growing a relationship.

Gender Issue

The Zombie is a strange mob; it is a male that acts and dresses like a female. This is a common theme that runs through various forms of Asian media, like anime and manga. This has caused a lot of confusion amongst the users of this mod.

There is art by AT2 (the artist of the mod), that shows Yaebi's gender as a boy. It can be seen in the Trivia section below.

Another reason for confusion is the default script that comes with the mod. In the "Friendly, day2, love3" section, it says "Good evening!::Miss zombie!Your registered letter!". The "Miss" may be a typo, as genders may be easy to mix up for those who take english as a second language. Another area of the default script with another error is "Friendly, day2, love9". Here, Yaebi says "A mature grownup like me won't lost her temper.", and calls itself a "her". This is the objective form of the pronoun she in modern English.


Mob Talker Gang - Beach!

A beach scene, with a fair few of the mobs. Note that the Zombie resembles a boy.


Here the Zombie is shown as a girl.

  • The Zombie may have been created as a male on purpose, as all the other mobs are female.
  • Other Images can be found here, that shows Yaebi as a boy.
  • The American slang term for the theme the Zombie follows is "trap".
  • In one of AT2's comics, Yaebi is shown being taken in by the villagers after finding him.
  • In AT2's alternate gender art, the Zombie is shown as a female.(to the right, below the beach one.)