Mob Talker Wiki

Default dialogue from Creeper.

Example of talking to a semi sociable mob.

Talking to a semi-sociable mob.

Talking to mobs is simple, all you need is to craft an item called a Mob Talker. Then you can talk to the desired mob by right clicking on it with the Mob Talker.

The mod supports 6 entities that you can talk to by default, as well as 7 entities that can be enabled with custom scripts.

In the default scripts, Mobs that are more sociable than others will have a name, such as Cupa (Creeper) or Andr (Enderman). However mobs that can be talked to but not turn neutral towards you will not have names, such as skeletons, spiders and cave spiders.

But sometimes you have to be careful what you say when you're talking to mobs. if you choose the wrong words, you can anger them and they will either attack you or stop talking to you. the mob's mood is displayed and will change if they are sad, happy, angry etc. you can use these to avoid angering them or making them sad, which could be a fatal mistake.

Default Mobs

The default entities that you can talk to are as follows:

Creeper Skeleton Enderman Spider
Cave Spider
Cave Spider Zombie

Custom Script Mobs

Snow Golem
Iron Golem
Blaze Slime Snow Golem Iron Golem
Magma Cube
Ghast Magma Cube Silverfish