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To represent what the mobs that are permitted to attack you most likely will be for Sphere Survival.

Since August 31 2012, this has been proclaimed an annual wiki sport. It has begun September 2 2012, as a small game of Sphere survival. New sports will be added, making it an olympic sport.

One thing that is not nessecary but may be worthwhile is finding players who have some sort of screen recording program such as FRAPS or Camtasia, who'd be willing and able to record the match from their point of view.


Civilization SpheresEdit

  • Players attempt to be the last one standing and/or build the best place in this Civilization-seque game set in a bizzare land.
  • Rules can be found here.

Dread MountainEdit

  • A PVP match on a steep mountainside, making threat of fall damage an ever-present companion.
  • No rules yet.

Use the comments section below to work out times.

Upcoming match info:Edit

  • Dread Mountain
  • No current recorders


Put your own info in the comments, and they will be added to the table shortly. Once we have everyone, we'll use this info to find the best times.
Minecraft Username Wiki Name Time Zone Available days Available times Color
Depod2 Depod2 UTC-5 Almost anytime White
ColdGoldLazarus ColdGoldLazarus UTC-6 All weekdays and sunday 12:00 to 3:00 PM on weeks, anytime sunday Dark Green
Jflc0l3 Jflc0l3 UTC-5 Almost anytime 2PM-late, weeks anytime Red
Pikachu8091 IcyDeath8091 All weekends Just about anytime Dark Blue
Richardx Rjc523 Any day When awake Sky Blue
kamitheimaginary Kami-yan Prefers weekends Pink
conal333 Conal333 All days 5PM-9PM Weekdays, when awake Weekends Magenta
Hackein Hackein All Days When not at school Orange
Coldflame98 Coldflame98 Prefers Weekends When Awake & Not busy Black
DerrickJMitchell DerrickJMitchell Anytime When awake Cyan
Eternal_song Sharingan Caleidoscopio Eterno Weekends Purple
MingG Zixi UTC+8 most weekdays and sunday when awake and not in school or doing homework Lime Green
pampox123 Goodolmax Almost everyday Anytime Brown
Andysniffums Andysniffums GMT -4 All days

When not busy

Dark Red